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For more information on Electri-Flex's Liquatite® flexible electrical conduit line and design services, please select from the following literature below. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and hit submit. The literature will be sent to you soon.

Electri-Flex Releases SHIELD-FLEX EMI/RFI Shielding Conduit Catalog

Shield-Flex Catalog picture

Electri-Flex Company has released a new catalog featuring the SHIELD-FLEX™ line of EMI/RFI Shielding conduits. SHIELD-FLEX™ represents a line of three shielded conduits, SLA™, EMS™ and EMCS™. This line of conduits is designed to protect sensitive electronic circuits from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) in applications such as communications, radar and data transmission.

Electri-Flex Introduces Non-Metallic Conduit and Connector Spec Sheet

Non-Metallic Conduit and Connector Spec Sheet picture

Electri-Flex Company has released a spec sheet listing its line of non-metallic conduits and fittings. Non-metallic conduits are made without a metal core and are ideal for corrosive environments, high flexing applications and where weight might be an issue. Applications include outdoor use, including HVAC units, pools and spas, as well as wiring harnesses, laboratory equipment and fiber optics. Materials used are flexible and rigid PVC. Conduit Types NM, NMHT and NM2 work with connector Types NMLT and NMSC.

Color Conduit Application Guide

Color Conduit Catalog picture

Electri-Flex Company has released an application guide for colored conduits. Color conduits are available in cream, brown, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, white, as well as many other desired colors. Dyes can be blended to meet any color request. Installations requiring color customization include computer rooms, hospitals and healthcare, caution areas, construction, auto repair, fire alarms, security systems, dairy equipment, plus many more.

Corrlok System

Corrlok System Catalog picture

Electri-Flex announces that it has strengthened its innovative Liquatite® flexible electrical conduit line with their new and improved Corrlok® System. The Corrlok System, comprised of nylon conduit, connectors and accessories, is designed for a wide range of applications including passenger rail vehicle wiring, industrial control equipment, robots, machine tools and more. Corrlok is RoHS- and WEEE-compliant, UL Recognized, halogen-free, flame-resistant and ideal for use in tight areas.

Conduit Application Guide

Conduit Application Catalog picture

Easy-to-use application guide for liquid tight flexible electrical conduit assists design engineers and end users in selecting the right product for their applications. This valuable reference tool offers quick, at-a-glance application information on the company's Liquatite® flexible electrical conduit types including EMI/RFI, high/low temperature, and halogen-free products among others.

Conduit Catalog

Conduit Catalog picture

Electri-Flex presents its expanded line of Liquatite® Flexible Electrical Conduit in a 40-page catalog. The catalog spotlights high quality jacketed metallic, non-jacketed metallic, and nonmetallic liquid tight conduit for a variety of applications, including general purpose steel conduit, high and low temperature conduit, EMI/RFI shielding conduit, halogen-free conduit, smoke tight conduit, UL and CSA rated conduit, and more. A variety of colors and dimensions are available.

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