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Info about Electri-Flex


Liquatite by Electri-Flex has earned an international leadership reputation for quality, service and product innovation. This web site details the most diverse electrical conduit line in the world with respect to available sizes, types, and colors. But Electri-Flex's real source of success has sprung from its partnership philosophy. This philosophy was perhaps best stated by H.W. "West" Kinander, Jr., former President and co-owner shortly before his untimely death in 1991 - "Quality, service, fair distributor margins and loyalty to one's business partners has been the theme since our Company began. It will continue to be the benchmark by which our Company will be judged. You have my word."

Diversification within One Product Line

The Liquatite® line includes nearly 40 varieties of electrical conduits for contractors, OEMs, industrial maintenance and repair (MRO), government, utility and export users. Most conduits are available as standard products but the Company has the manufacturing capability to develop specialized products as they are needed by customers.

An innovator in the liquid-tight conduit industry, Electri-Flex has been a leader in other areas as well-from packaging improvements to manufacturing patents. All Liquatite products are manufactured at the Roselle, Illinois facility in suburban Chicago. The majority of production tools and methods used in the manufacture of liquid-tight conduit by the Company are unique in that they were developed and built by Electri-Flex in its own Tool Shop.

Quality Assurance

Quality control for Liquatite is performed by all levels of employment from machine operators to foremen. To assure a high degree of quality control, Electri-Flex utilizes a vertically-integrated manufacturing and production system.

Testing procedures are in place from the time raw materials are received at the facility to when the finished flexible conduit is packaged and readied for shipping.

Each foot of conduit produced must pass a series of quality checks designed to insure proper inside and outside diameters. Actual physical appearance is also examined during each step of the manufacturing process.

In addition to continuous quality checks during the production process, a Quality Control Inspector randomly collects samples of each product at various stages of production. Testing covers tension strength, crush, flexibility and flammability, to name a few.

Extensive testing is also conducted during unannounced visits by inspectors from both U.L. and CSA.

Distributor and Representative Partners

The spirit of caring about all of the 'partners' in the marketing process carries over to the Company's distributors and representatives. The qualities of these 'partners' that have made Electri-Flex an industry leader, are:

Representatives-high degree of integrity and impeccable business reputation; knowledgeable about the product and the customer; carries compatible lines to make customer and distributor calls more productive; day-to-day involvement by the principal of the Company.

Distributors-industrially oriented with sound relations with customers, solid reputation in the community and quality sales people.

The Company's important representatives and distributors are the leaders in the markets they serve and most of them have been part of the Electri-Flex family for many years.

The Company is very selective in choosing only top performing distributors who have the ability to grow with the Company in the electrical industry. Distributors are chosen by the Company's representative and corporate management. They recommend and authorize firms to become exclusive distributors based on demonstrated high standards of commitment and performance.

Marketing Support

Making the best product doesn't create success without sales, service and marketing programs that meet the needs of representatives and distributors. Sales support services available to the Company's distributors include:

  • Rep warehouse locations across the United States.
  • Shipments of stocked items within one to three days from consigned stock locations in and around all major markets.
  • A responsive sales and customer service department.
  • An effective advertising support program that produces qualified leads.
  • Referrals on inquiries within a distributor's territory.
  • Special, 'off-sheet' price quotations.
  • Liberal catalog and sample policy.

A Close-Knit Family Business

Electri-Flex was founded and is still owned by the Kinander family. Within the Electri-Flex organization is a tightly knit extended family of employees working together to carry out the Company's mission. The cultural focus is on quality products and services, together with a strong sense of loyalty to the Company and its partners.

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